My References

I’ve been fortunate and honored to have received a number of recommendations from colleagues with whom I’ve previously worked, as well as customers I have served; a selection of which are detailed below.  For a full review of the 50+ references received, please see my LinkedIn profile.

Sukhreet Buttar – Systems Engineering Manager, AmazonLocal

“I had the pleasure of working with Matthew as a recruiting partner while building my brand new team at AmazonLocal. He truly partnered with me to understand what I was looking for in terms of technical as well as soft skills. He went above and beyond in providing a unique and unbiased perspective and insight right from his initial interactions with potential candidates, all the way through the process. We would not have put together such a great team without Matthew’s tireless efforts and passion for what he does. I would be absolutely honored to have the opportunity to work with him in the future!” September 29, 2012

Rakesh Manickam – AmazonLocal

“I worked with Mathew during my interview process with Amazon. All I can say is that he is “awesome”. He is very passionate about what he does. He was literally with me in every step of my on-boarding process. He not only simplified my on-boarding process ,he also helped me settling down in my new place by sharing valuable resources. Its sad to see him leaving to a another team but he will be a great asset to any group he works for..” August 20, 2012

Deena Lear – General Manager US & International Operations, The Wetstein Group

“Matthew is one of the most driven and hard-working individuals that I’ve had an opportunity to work with. His energy and passion for what he does is infectious. People naturally gravitate to him which enables him to lead and motivate people exceptionally well. His ability to strategize and think outside the box is yet another fantastic attribute that Matthew brings to the table. I feel so fortunate that I was able to work with him over the past year and half and see him in action. Matthew will be a huge asset to any organization that is lucky enough to get him!” April 9, 2012

Melissa Pavlicin – General Manager Recruiting- North America, The Wetstein Group

“Matthew is someone you want on your team! I was lucky enough to work with him for a couple of years. He was someone that if a project needed to get done- he had either already started on it or would volunteer first to do it. He is a very loyal, hard working, compassionate and driven employee. He always had words of encouragement and praise for myself or others on his team. Matthew is a visionary and someone I hope to work with again someday!!” April 29, 2012

 Charlotte Goodman – Living Social, UK

“I was lucky enough to work with Matthew during the recruitment process for my current role at LivingSocial.
Despite the time difference of 8 hours I always felt I had constant communication with him and every part of the process was clear, concise and as he said it would be.
I felt well prepared for each stage and every question I had was answered!
It makes a real change to work with someone who delivers what they say they will and with a no nonsense approach!
I trusted Matthew from day one and was offered my perfect role within less than 3 weeks – I couldn’t ask for any more! I highly recommend Matthew – Thanks very much.” May 25, 2011

Louise Howard – Co-Owner, Chatfield Quinn

“Having kept in contact with Matthew for some years I was delighted when he contacted me with an opportunity for my business.  Matthew ensured that I had all the correct mediums to make the opportunity work for us and supported us through the process, Matthew has a fantastic, large business network which enables him to never miss an opportunity and his willingness to then pass on leads is commendable.” May 13, 2011

Liam McConnell – Co-Owner, Chatfield Quinn

“Matthew was kind enough to recommend our services to a recruitment business based in the US to recruit for staff in the UK. From that introduction Matthew made, it has led to us taking on some huge responsibility within that company and has enabled us to add new staff to work on particular accounts. Matthew’s recommendation really did allow us to show case our skills within recruitment and for that we are so very thankful.” May 10, 2011

Natasha PanettaBDM, Jump On It/Living Social 

“I had the pleasure of dealing with Matthew during my interview process with Jump On It/Living Social living within Australia.
Throughout this process Matthew remained professional, but was able to develop a friendly and personal relationship very quickly. This helped to remain relaxed and comfortable in such an important interview of my career. Matthew’s overall knowledge of the business/product was astounding and with all of his guidance and positive feedback I was happily successful in securing the position with Jump On It, Wollongong.
I would recommend and gladly use Matthew for any recruitment and interview processing if the opportunity arose.” May 11, 2011

Casey Detheridge – BDM, Jump On It/Living Social 

“I was very fortunate to deal with Matthew during the recruitment phase for employment with & Matthew was very professional through the entire distance interview process which maintained my confidence in the opportunity. Regular contact and guidance from Matthew assisted in my preparation, which led to my successful appointment with the company. In regards to my overall experience with Matthew, he is certainly an expert at his profession, and an asset to the company.” May 3, 2011

Marvin Ryder – Client

“Mathew is a highly skilled and personable professional who takes the time and commitment to ensure the client has received the best available service.” April 26, 2011

Bob Thomas – COO, Avamere Ancillary Services (Parent Co of Infinity Rehab and Therapy Solutions)

“Matthew is a genuine individual who worked diligently to transition a company that we acquired into our family of companies. He built our employee base and streamlined/organized processes that had been antiquated. He developed social media for recruitment and sales purposes. He also developed new clients for our company and continued to contribute to the growth and building of revenue in the company. It was a sincere pleasure to work with Matthew.” January 15, 2011

Mike Billings – President, Infinity Rehab (Parent Co of Therapy Solutions) 

“Matthew is a person of high integrity and outstanding work ethic. It was an honor to work with Matthew as he grew his business over the years. He wasn’t afraid of taking on new challenges and developing creative business solutions. If the opportunity presented itself, I would gladly work with Matthew again.” January 13, 2011

Jen Deale – Recruiter, Therapy Solutions

“Matthew has the most motivated and motivating personality of anyone I’ve ever worked with! He is ambitious, well-spoken, and able to lead people very effectively. He manages people with a trainer’s approach, wanting to be an asset to his people’s skills and abilities, trying in every way to help his team to function as best as possible. He looks at his employees as whole people and manages them in a way that helps them do their job as best as they can, while knowing that he supports them holistically.” October 12, 2010

Gail Jackson – Director of Operations, Therapy Solutions

“As the outgoing Director of Operations at Therapy Solutions, Matthew trained with me for more than a month. Matthew had an incredibly fast learning curve, asked in depth and probing questions, and was organized in his gathering of information. He displayed an exceptional knowledge of both financial and personnel matters. His ability to work “outside of the box” was evidenced numerous times throughout our time together. His thinking was visionary. It is without any reservations, that I strongly recommend Matthew Parker.” December 15, 2009

Kari Neikes – Recruiting Coordinator, Infinity Rehab

“I first met Matthew Parker when he was hired for Infinity Rehab’s sister company Therapy Solutions as Vice President. He was warm and friendly right off the bat and had lots of plans to better the future of Therapy Solutions. While Matthew worked for another company he took over the scheduling team at Infinity Rehab and in doing so spent quite a bit of time in the Wilsonville office where I got to watch him put his business plans into effect. I had the pleasure of watching Matthew’s creative ideas unfold to turn the scheduling department into a productive team that works wonderfully together. I expect great things from Matthew and his work at Therapy Solutions.” January 12, 2011

Katie McGonigal – Director, National Management, Corporate, Creative & IT Recruiting

“Matthew Parker exhibits what is, in my experience, a truly rare blend of professionalism, diplomacy, industry insight, and extraordinary strategic and leadership skills coupled with a marvelously appealing sense of humor and ‘down to earth’ nature. Matthew has an excellent work ethic and an innate ability to soothe escalated situations. He is a natural leader and possesses that special ability to inspire individuals to greatness purely out of allegiance to him. If you are afforded the opportunity to utilize his services in any way, count yourself fortunate.” March 26, 2009

Jean Cross WetsteinNational Senior Director; Human Resources, Williams Lea

“It was a pleasure to work with Matthew during his time with Williams Lea. I found him to be an extremely skilled recruiting professional. Matthew brought a high level of expertise, professionalism, maturity and leadership, as well as a stellar sense of humor, to our organization.” October 4, 2010

Christian Reed – National Recruiter – Management, Corporate & Technical Functions, Williams Lea

“Matthew is a complete team player who is ready and willing to do what it takes to make the team succeed. We worked together at Williams Lea recruiting for a variety of positions throughout the west coast and Matthew consistently had a positive approach and attitude, even when business needs shifted and we had to adjust our priorities accordingly. He is a fantastic relationship builder and is highly consultative in working with hiring managers and internal clients. Matthew is a pleasure to work with.” October 5, 2010

Sass Muncey – Corporate National Recruiter, Williams Lea

“Matthew Parker is innovative, forward thinking, resourceful and a get it done staffing specialist. His wealth of staffing knowledge both stateside and internationally truly brings a broad thinking outside of the box. Matthew is an incredible independent recruiter who you know will get the specifics of the position and find the right candidates to hire. I always enjoyed being teamed up with Matthew when starting up a new site where the heat was on.  Not only would we get the job done, we would have many laughs and fun along the way. His dependability when the baton is passed to him is one to be emulated.” January 5, 2010

Mark Nelson – VP, Westaff

“Matthew had just been promoted to Senior VP of Field Operations (essentially the COO) at Westaff around the time that I started at the company in 2006. The moment that I heard him describe his vision for the field, I knew that we were in good hands.

Matthew’s strategic forward thinking, strong work ethic and industry background made him the right person for this leadership post hands down. Under his direction, communication between corporate & the field dramatically improved and their was a sense of purpose amongst our entire group.

I would strongly recommend Matthew for any leadership/management role in the staffing industry. He will be an absolute asset to the next company that is lucky enough to hire him.” June 15, 2011

Katy Schneider – Creative Director/Corporate Communications, Westaff

“Matthew Parker is a highly qualified staffing and sales professional with experience in the management of staff and major accounts for small, mid-size and Fortune 500 companies. He consistently delivers the types of programs and solutions necessary to achieve higher profit margins and wider marketplace potential — and produces quality teams that are devoted to his objectives. He unfailingly handles conflict with grace and intelligence and his dedication to quality customer service is bar none.” December 31, 2009

Carla Zafereo – Sr. VP Market Development, Westaff

“Matthew is an accomplished business leader who consistently goes “above and beyond” a job description. He is a self-motivated professional who works well under pressure, enjoys new challenges, is a team player and is dedicated to his profession. He posses a conceptual talent for seeing ‘the big picture” and has the demonstrated ability to effectively prioritize and manage a broad range of responsibilities to consistently exceed goals. Matthew’s proven ability to develop comprehensive sales, marketing and recruitment programs, as well as his team building skills, makes him a valuable asset to any organization in the staffing and recruiting industry.”” March 5, 2009

Liam McConnell Senior Consultant, Westaff

“Matthew is a first class trainer and motivator of people. He was my mentor when I first came to the company, I saw first hand how he engaged a room and dealt with understanding the needs and expectations of the companies newest arrivals. I certainly put down some of my success to Matthew as he was responsible for giving me belief and a positivity which enabled me to generate £££ for the business. I still stick to the same methods I was taught by Matthew all those years ago and offer my wisdom to my staff in my company today.”  March 6, 2009

Jason Cheslock – Area Manager Dallas / Ft. Worth Market, Westaff

“I had the privilege of working for Matthew in multiple capacities at Westaff. In addition to his superior experiences and vast networks, he is a tremendous champion that possesses a special talent for leading an organization to rally both behind him and the corporate objectives. Teaming this with Matthew’s vision, work ethic, and drive makes him the ultimate Sr. Leadership asset for any organization. He has my highest recommendation.” March 10, 2009

Stacy Spivack Keener, Senior Marketing Manager, Westaff USA Inc

“I only worked with Matthew for a short period but while we worked together, it was evident that he was very capable professionally and extremely warm and caring personally. He played a very large role in the organization at that time but despite his high rank, I always felt comfortable going to him with questions and he was always willing to help guide others and me in the right direction. He constantly had a smile on his face and made you feel relaxed and comfortable. I think Matthew is a great colleague and I am glad to have had the opportunity to work with him.” October 30, 2009

Robert Wheller – M.D., Robert Wheller and Associates

“I have worked with Matthew for a number of years. He is a highly motivational and inspirational manager which has produced stellar performances within teams he has led. His professionalism has set the highest quality standards within the companies he has been responsible for. In my opinion Matthew an excellent and respected manager and a person who is a pleasure to work with ” October 13, 2010


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